Aging is part of life, but it doesn't have to be discouraging. Embrace aging as a reflection of all the wisdom you've accumulated over the years, and look ahead with excitement and joy.
Sleeping for back health
Living Longer, Living Better

3 Sleeping Positions for a Healthy, Happy Back

Get your best rest while protecting your spine and joints.

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A caregiver woman with a senior man walking in the park.
Resource Center

The Rich Rewards of Volunteering

Helping others has benefits for older adults

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Close up of a woman wearing holidays socks relaxing.
Caregiver Stress

Simple Changes in Your Holiday Routine Can Ease Stress

Follow these tips for caregivers and families to have a more peaceful celebration. 

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A millennial grandson showing affection to his grandmother.
Advice for Caregivers

Millennial Caregivers Are Navigating Uncharted Waters

Young adults face a host of modern challenges as they take on their loved ones’ care.

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Portrait of old woman with his adult grandson.
Aging Parents

Why It’s Hard to Acknowledge Your Loved One Needs Help

You may be afraid to take on your loved one’s care as they age, but acceptance paves the way to solutions.

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Caregiving Holiday Christmas Guide
Advice for Caregivers

A Caregiver's Guide to the Holidays

These eight caregiving tips will help make the holiday season a happier, simpler season for all.

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Tips To Help Seniors Declutter
Advice for Caregivers

5 Tips To Help Seniors Declutter

Aging in place is easier for the elderly, and their caregivers, when the home is clutter-free.

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Barry stands with one of his dollhouses. 
God's Grace

How Building Dollhouses Helped One Man Cope with Parkinson’s Disease

When Barry Roberson received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and progressive supranuclear palsy, he was told he had four years to live. Grappling with the news, he took to the hills behind his house to pray… and received an answer that he never could’ve anticipated: “Build dollhouses.”

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An older gentleman's daughter helps him eat soup at the table.
Helpful Activities

Techniques To Cut Down on Messy Eating for People with Alzheimer’s

Easy-to-handle foods and utensils can make mealtime easier.

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An older gentleman enjoying a slice of watermelon.
Helpful Activities

9 Tips to Prevent Dehydration in a Loved One with Dementia

A variety of beverages, and even fruit, can replenish fluids.

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