Aging is part of life, but it doesn't have to be discouraging. Embrace aging as a reflection of all the wisdom you've accumulated over the years, and look ahead with excitement and joy.
Vern Bengtson in his library

Families and Faith

How do we pass faith on to our children? This researcher says the answer is simple.

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A teenager helps an elderly man to use facebook.
Movies and TV

Bridge-Building Between Generations

Cyber-Seniors is a documentary about teens helping seniors to use social media.

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Jerry blends in with his undergrad peers.
Positive Living

70-Year-Old Fulfills a Dream

Jerry Reid fulfilled a life-long dream, not only of graduating from college but also of enjoying the college experience to the fullest.

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Dana prepares for her wedding.

A Love Story for the Ages

Dana Jackson marries 85-year-old Bill Strauss, the man of her dreams, on her 100th birthday.

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An artist's rendering of the Virgin Mary surrounded by cherubs
Managing Life Changes

Blessed Journey

Florida was a long way from Chicago. He hoped he was making the right move.

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Mysterious Ways: Home Away from Home
Aging Parents

Mysterious Ways: Home Away from Home

I lived miles away from my family. Who was watching out for them?

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Paddy and Nico dancing

Britain's Got (Completely Surprising) Talent

You won't be able to tear yourself away from this granny and her phenomenal dancing!

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Marion Bond West examines her face in a mirror.
Living With Cancer

A Rich Life Reflected in Her Features

She’d never really liked her face. But then she’d never really looked at it, either

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Dancing couple

Timeless Grace

This couple proves that grace, fun and the joy of movement are ageless. 

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Older couple watching the sunset

Old Is Gold

Tips from the Bible to help you see aging as one of God's greatest gifts.

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