Perfect Gift for the Child in Your Life

The book shares some insightful tips on how children can help the environment.

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It was torn and beat up with curling pages that weren’t white anymore, but I was thrilled when I pulled it out from behind the bookcase where it had fallen to the floor. As I cleaned it up, wiping the dust kittens off, the cover was so cheerful and colorful I couldn’t help but smile. Then I opened the book, and smiled even more.

Each page has lively illustrations. Each chapter is only two pages long and has projects that are every bit as fun as they are educational. The style is humorous. It’s lively. It encourages kids to be “detectives,” and includes exciting, kid-friendly words like “treasure” and “guess” and “wild” and worms” and “dirt.” It encourages and motivates. The book’s name? 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save The Earth by John Javna and published by the Earthworks Group.

My smile faded when I saw the copyright was 1990. But not to worry. There is a new edition, called the The New 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. Since it was just today that I pulled out my 20-year-old version from the dusty floor behind the bookshelf, I haven’t seen the new book yet.

However, reviews on are glowing and say the new edition also includes websites to related organizations and other “goodies” my 1990 version doesn’t have. I also learned that Sophie, Javna’s daughter who wasn’t born yet when the 1990 edition was published, helped to write the new edition. 

This is exactly the book I want for my grandchildren. It’s so good, I’m jealous I didn’t write it myself! 

Too often we don’t give children credit for the depth of their thoughts, and their ability to care about others. For instance, one quote from the book stopped me in my tracks and made me marvel about this quality of children.

“When I die I would like to give the next generation a better Earth than I had.”—Joey Leichter, Age 10  

Let us…you and I…help Joey! Let’s put this book into the hands of the kids we know. Better yet, let’s read it to them and do the projects with them. And let’s put this book into the hands of teachers and parents, too.

Feel free to email me your environmental tips and questions! I love to read and answer them.


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