My Favorite Angel Movie

The Angels on Earth editor-in-chief wants to know your favorite angel movie.

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My daughters are off from school this week, so we’ve been enjoying some latish nights in front of the TV.

Last night we got to watch all two hours of American Idol. I sat through the entire thing without hopping up during commercials to make school lunches. What a treat! Now if only Paula hadn’t left the show…

The girls have already chosen their own personal idols this season. I haven’t settled on mine. Still, I dread the vote-off tonight, when one of those starry-eyed young hopefuls will have to pack up and go home. Pass me a Kleenex. You can bet the clip of that person’s “journey,” as the adorable Ryan Seacrest calls it, will have me crying. It’s one touching story after another. Kind of like GUIDEPOSTS!

For tomorrow night I have a movie all picked out. The 1978 romantic comedy Heaven Can Wait, with Warren Beatty and Dyan Cannon. If you haven’t seen it, you must. I think it’s my favorite angel movie of all time. But then again, maybe there’s one I haven’t seen yet.

Help me out here. What’s your favorite angel movie? In fact, ask your friends too. They can fan us on Facebook and post their movie. Last count we had 993 fans, sooo close to 1,000. Let the silver screen angel push us over the mark.


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Colleen Hughes is the editor-in-chief of ANGELS ON EARTH magazine, a GUIDEPOSTS publication. She's been at GUIDEPOSTS for 20 plus years, and lives in a Hudson River town with her two daughters and two cats.

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