Take a Wellness Day

Executive editor Amy Wong talks about how taking some time to yourself can help you recharge.

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Sorry I didn’t blog last Friday. As Edward mentioned, it had been a week of long days. Actually, there had been several weeks in a row of long days. By last Thursday, I was so wiped out that I was mistyping words in the stories I edited and forgetting what I was saying in mid-conversation. Worse, I was getting snappish with everyone who walked into my office. Time to recharge that positive attitude!

So I did something Friday that I knew would get me back to being positive: I took a wellness day. Not a sick day, since I wasn’t actually sick, though I was pretty run down. Not a vacation day, since I wasn’t going anywhere special. Just a day off to de-stress and relax, to do things that make me feel healthy and happy—which is why I call it a wellness day (technically I used one of my personal days).

How did I spend my wellness day? Let’s see… Made a hot breakfast and ate it leisurely. Drooled over the new issue of Elle Decoration, UK edition (my latest magazine obsession). Took a 12:30 class at the gym. A tough workout, but it felt like such a luxury because I don’t normally have time to exercise in the middle of the day. Since the temperature hit 70, changed into a spring dress and sandals. Went for a long walk with my dog and basked in the sun (Winky thinks I need to take more of these days). Ordered lunch from the amazing cheese shop around the corner. Started reading a novel, ended up taking a nap (now that’s a real luxury!). Woke up feeling free of stress and full of positivity.

Need your own wellness day? It’s simple. Take a vacation or personal day and dedicate it to your health and happiness. No errands, no email, no appointments, nothing remotely resembling your usual to-do list. Instead, just do whatever you find relaxing and rejuvenating. It’ll have you feeling and thinking positive again, I promise.

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