Finding Strength

When I'm feeling vulnerable, I want to reach for the grace and glory of the Lord.

Posted in , Jun 11, 2015

Finding strength in faith

Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge. (Psalm 16:1, NIV)

My eight-year-old son Isaiah and I wanted to take our pup Rugby for a walk along the river. We live in a quiet village on the Illinois banks of the Mississippi, but at three o’clock the power plant up the road changes shifts. Traffic on the street in front of our home becomes steady and fast. The river path waits, serene and still, on the other side.

We stood on the curb, afternoon sun pressing through the branches of a century-old tree, and waited for an opportunity to bolt across. A few moments passed. And a few more. Isaiah watched cars and trucks whir by. As we stood on that corner, his hand reached for mine. My fingers curled around his, and he smiled.

He was protected. Safe. Secure.                                          

That morning I’d read from the Old Testament. In I Samuel Chapter 8, the Israelites are fearful for their national security. God had already proven Himself faithful. Time and time again. But when the people cried for a leader, despite Samuel’s discouragement, they called for a flesh-and-blood king.


They searched for security in the wrong place.

It makes me consider my own life. When I’m vulnerable, when the against-the-wall feelings of fear come, I want to reach for strength, hope and safety in the right place.

I want to reach for the grace and glory of the Lord.

Eventually Isaiah and I crossed the road. He held on tight–our connection strong. When we reached the other side, he let go and began to skip.

I’d delivered my little son safely, and it was easy to see that this tried-and-true trust brought peace and joy.

Father, when I am in need, remind me to call for You. Amen.

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