Blessings are all around us, if we have our eyes open to noticing the ways our families, friends, community, and God bless and enrich our lives each day.
An artist's rendering of a young boy in a angel's costume

Blessed by a Christmas Angel

His simple Christmas Eve gesture of kindness to two strangers was repaid a hundredfold.

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Daily Devotions

Seeds of Faith

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Erin and Ben Napier, hosts of HGTV's Home Town
Inspiring Stories

Erin and Ben Napier on the Joys of Small-Town Living

Erin and Ben Napier discuss what they find rewarding about small-town life and share how they came to become the hosts of "Home Town" on HGTV.

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Thank you note
Positive Living

The Positive Impact of a Thank-You Note

Psychologists say that long or short, hand-written or emailed, expressions of gratitude simply make people happy.

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Rick's son, Will, and his bride, Karen

What You Need in a Marriage

A dad offers blessings to his son on his wedding day.

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A wooded path
Living Longer, Living Better

5 Spiritual Lessons from Life's Trail

A chaplain with the Good Samaritan Society shares spiritual lessons he's learned from the long, winding trail.

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Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin
Stories of Hope

Guideposts Classics: Marlee Matlin on Embracing God's Gifts

In this story from November 2002, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin shares how she refused to let her deafness prevent her from pursuing her passion for acting.

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A woman prays
Answered Prayers

4 One-Word Prayers

These open-ended prayers offer unexpected blessings from God.

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