6 Tips for Handling Nighttime Fears in People with Alzheimer’s

You can be a soothing presence by offering your loved one reassurance and acceptance.

- Posted on Jun 14, 2019

A man sleeping.

This article is based on information provided by Home Instead Senior Care.

People with Alzheimer’s may feel afraid at night and could even experience hallucinations. 

Try these steps if your loved one experiences these issues:

· At bedtime, make a show of locking up the doors and windows.

· Tuck your loved one into bed and offer reassurance that everything is locked tight and the house is safe.

· Keep a night-light on.

· If your loved one claims to have seen something during the night, try not to argue about it.

· Accept that these are real fears.

· If your loved one cries out at night, continue to provide comfort. This period of fearfulness may pass after some time.

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