Comfort Someone with a Hug Today

A vital senior care plan always includes affection–and hugs are at the top of that list.

Posted in , Jun 29, 2015

Comfort Someone with a Hug Today

It’s time to get your hug-and-howdy on. June 29 is National Hug Holiday, a day established to encourage hugs, especially hugs for the folks who need them most such as the elderly, the homebound, the sick and the lonely folks who simply need to know that somebody cares.

The Hugs for Health Foundation began this holiday, stating: “Hug Holiday is founded on the premise that hugs, friendship and volunteer support are vital components to the overall senior care plan.”

Long before I knew of such a holiday, my daughter Allyson was celebrating it. She’s always had a special love for the elderly population—even when she was a little girl. She would just run up to senior citizens that we would pass in the mall or see at church and give them big hugs.


I remember one time when our entire family was out to eat on a Sunday afternoon, and my sister’s 84-year-old mother-in-law, Dorsie, suffered a fall. Ally was only about 5 at the time but that didn’t stop her from kicking her compassion into high gear and rushing to Dorsie’s side. As we awaited the ambulance, Ally stayed right beside Dorsie.

And before the paramedics rolled Dorsie out of the restaurant on a stretcher, Ally took Dorsie’s hand in hers and kissed it. It was the best she could do since a hug was out of the question due to Dorsie’s situation.

On the ride home, I couldn’t stop thinking about my youngest daughter’s sweet demonstration of love that afternoon.

“Ally,” I said, “I heard you whispering something to Dorsie when you were next to her on the floor…what were you saying?”

“Oh I wasn’t talking to Dorsie,” Ally said, matter-of-factly. “I was praying to Jesus for Dorsie to be OK.”

That was even better than a hug. Ally had reached out to heaven on Dorsie’s behalf.

I was inspired that day by my daughter’s beautiful demonstration of love in action. So today, on the national Hug Holiday, let’s be like Ally and find ways to be that touch from heaven that people so desperately need.

Maybe you could volunteer to call Bingo at your local senior center and offer hugs to all the winners! Or, maybe you could deliver food to the shut-ins of your church who would probably love to have some company and a hug.

Why not ask God to put people in your path today who need a hug, people who need that touch from heaven? And, why stop with today? Let’s embrace that hug-and-howdy mentality every day and touch the world with the love of Jesus. 

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