Heavenly Caregiver

Heavenly Caregiver

Praising man

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.—1 TIMOTHY 4:4 NIV

"Why am I doing this? She doesn’t care,” the caregiver muttered. “Caregiving is hard work, but if I knew she at least appreciated what I did, it would make my job lighter. Just a word of thanks would go a long way.”

How often we try hard to please others. We put in our best effort—and no one seems to notice. What encouragement it would be to be thanked once in a while for being a caregiver.

Two special words: Thank you. Good manners demand the use of this small but powerful phrase. As children we were taught to say it even when we didn’t want the sweater our aunt gave us or the green beans Mom put on our plate.

But think of the issue from another angle: God is our heavenly caregiver. Have we thanked Him lately?

Being thankful to the Lord focuses our eyes on what we have rather than what we’ve lost. We find a new appreciation of the small things that show His presence—like a warm summer breeze or a good night’s sleep. Saying thank you expands our peripheral vision to see blessings in unexpected places.

Thank you, heavenly Caregiver!

Today's Prayer:

Thank You, Lord, for all You do for me. Even when I can’t see You or understand the reasons why things happen, I know Your love surrounds me.

Adapted from Strength & Grace: Daily Devotions for Caregivers, a new publication from Guideposts