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A group holding hands in prayer.

Where to Turn for Support After a Loved One’s Death

Family and friends, as well as community resources, can help caregivers cope with grief.

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How ‘Nourish’ is Supporting Caregivers Through Faith

Two women’s caregiving experiences inspired a program to help other caregivers.

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5 Free Helpful Apps for Caregivers

These mobile applications provide tools and information to improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones.

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6 Priceless Resources for Managing Caregiving Costs

6 Priceless Resources for Managing Caregiving Costs

These programs can help family caregivers face their financial burdens with confidence.

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These webinars and videos offer tips to improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones.

5 Websites and Online Classes for Caregivers

These webinars and videos offer professional tips to improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones. 

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A woman speaking to three of her colleagues about caregiving.

The Juggling Act of the Working Caregiver

When work and caregiving feel overwhelming, try these resources.

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A community group helping to clean up litter.

5 Ways to Get More Involved with Your Community

Activities that spark your interests can give you a recharge from caregiving.

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An elderly man being comforted by his caregiver daughter.

How to Spot the Signs of Elder Abuse

Once you know the risks and red flags, you can take steps to protect your loved one.

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Woman looking at phone

Where to Find Caregiving Resources on Social Media

Searching for quick and easy caregiving information? These are reliable organizations to follow. 

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A caregiver woman with a senior man walking in the park.

The Rich Rewards of Volunteering

Helping others has benefits for older adults

A woman writing in her daily journal.

6 Tips to Care for an Aging Parent from Caregivers

New to caregiving? Follow this advice from experienced caregivers

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A woman receiving support from a group in her community.

4 Ways to Prevent Caregiver Social Isolation

Whether it's joining a support group or simply asking for a hand, here are a few ways for caregivers to stay connected.

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An employee talking to her employer about caregiving duties.

4 Ways to Care for a Parent While Succeeding at Work

Balancing your career and caregiving roles can be tough, but these practical tips can help.

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An elderly woman counting her change from her coin purse.

Financial Exploitation: Know the Red Flags

Older adults, especially those with cognitive decline, are vulnerable to financial abuse. Know what to look for.

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