Comfort Food

Who doesn't love comfort food? Tuck into a dish of your favorite soothing treat, and feel stress and tension slip away, bite by bite.
Nursel Aydin
Emotional and Mental Health

The Great Baklava Challenge

Why did her husband promise she made a delicious baklava? Was he crazy?

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Leon Burns with his wife, Julie, and a jar of his special granola
Life Advice

The Way to a Woman's Heart

He didn’t have the courage to ask her out, but he had another plan, a culinary approach.

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Paula Dyer in the kitchen
Coping With Illness

Keeping Dad Healthy and Happy

Her father had diabetes but he hadn't lost his sweet tooth. But she solved the problem!

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Bernice (in red) with grandniece Laura, mom Paz & Laura’s parents Rene & Isabel
Managing Life Changes

¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Viva la Tamalada!

How could she keep the Christmas tamale tradition going, as her family dwindled?

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Robin, Ken and their children, Ben and twins Molly (left) and Sarah
Positive Living

Her Recipe for Joy

She thought she'd never marry, move back to Ohio or join a church. Guess what?

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Robyn Ollerton (right) and her friend Melissa

An Unexpectedly Spicy Friendship

They were more like best frenemies than friends until they bonded over a condiment.

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A pot of chili
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: Soup's On!

They had a giant pot of chili, but there were no mouths to feed. Or were there?

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Becky Johnson and her daugher, Rachel
Adult Children

The Family That Cooks Together

What results when a mom and daughter who love to cook together take different dietary turns?

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A delicious chocolate cake
Answered Prayers

An Answered Prayer: Icing on the Cake

A potluck supper may not be romantic, but for this couple, it was a very special occasion.

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Zucchini Lasagna

Zucchini Lasagna

A perfect, gluten-free way to use that extra zucchini.

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