Your neighbors, friends, colleagues, fellow churchgoers, and people you do business with make up the rich tapestry of your community. Embrace your community and make sure to do your part to make it stronger.
Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without
How to Pray

Say, "Hi, God."

Sometimes God's presence comes in surprising ways.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin
Prayer Stories

A Brownie for a Prayer

When approached by homeless people on the streets, I don’t give them money, but I don’t want to just walk by either. 

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin with Phyllis, a pastor from Kangundo, Kenya
Power of Prayer

Singing an African Prayer

Our churches were separated by thousands of miles, but in a matter of minutes the music had put us all on the same page.

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Carol Leavy of Clinton, Iowa, by Katie Dahlstrom/Clinton Herald

Angels for Newtown

Young and old, the people of Clinton, Iowa, spent a whole day making hundreds of angels for Newtown, Connecticut.

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Donna Martin and her husband, "Pastor"

The Healing Power of Unconditional Love

Seventy-six abused or neglected kids find a home in the unlikeliest of places.

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Clint Campbell (left) with Brandon and Penguiny

An Online Community of Earth Angels

An uncle reaches out to the Web for help replacing his nephew's missing stuffed penguin.

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Savannah Madison Ogden
Military Outreach Stories

Savannah's Soldiers

A Florida girl launches a campaign to encourage kids to write to active-duty soldiers.

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An artist's rendering of an angel shining a light on a search party

Arctic Angels to the Rescue

With her husband lost in the Alaskan wilderness, she prayed for a miraculous rescue.

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A children's choir dancing while singing "What a Wonderful World"

Inspiring Global Video of "What a Wonderful World"

Children's choirs around the world join to sing an inspiring "What a Wonderful World."

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Person ladling out food
Power of Prayer

No Translation Needed

I prayed I could communicate with the Spanish-speaking homeless who'd come to our soup kitchen.

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