Your neighbors, friends, colleagues, fellow churchgoers, and people you do business with make up the rich tapestry of your community. Embrace your community and make sure to do your part to make it stronger.
An artist's rendering of an angel shining a light on a search party

Arctic Angels to the Rescue

With her husband lost in the Alaskan wilderness, she prayed for a miraculous rescue.

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A children's choir dancing while singing "What a Wonderful World"

Inspiring Global Video of "What a Wonderful World"

Children's choirs around the world join to sing an inspiring "What a Wonderful World."

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Person ladling out food
Power of Prayer

No Translation Needed

I prayed I could communicate with the Spanish-speaking homeless who'd come to our soup kitchen.

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Karen Kingsbury, author

Karen Kingsbury: Life-Changing Fiction

Best-selling author Karen Kingsbury talks about her latest novel, "The Bridge." 

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OurPrayer staff praying on Thanksgiving Day of Prayer.
Power of Prayer

A Prayer Pact with Our Readers

How the Thanksgiving Day of Prayer was born.

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Jan Thomas at the football field named after her late husband
Positive Living

One Simple Step Toward Forgiveness

How could she face the family of the young man who murdered her husband?

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Daisy, the missing Chihuahua who was found thanks to the power of prayer
Request Prayer

Prayer, Our First Resort

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the power of prayer. Just take the case of Daisy, the missing Chihuahua...

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Matt dances with people all over the world

Where in the World Is Matt? 2012

Matt dances with thousands all over the world.

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Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway
Daily Devotions

Praying for Someone I Have Hurt

I can’t think of much else to do except pray that they grow in love and mercy and forgiveness and faith.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris
Life After Death

God's Love and God's Plan

Robin was nearing death and wanted to talk about love before he went on to heaven.

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