Your neighbors, friends, colleagues, fellow churchgoers, and people you do business with make up the rich tapestry of your community. Embrace your community and make sure to do your part to make it stronger.
Robert G. Heft and the American flag
Positive Living

The Surprising Story Behind Our Flag's Design

What started as a creative school project back in the late 1950s for 17-year-old Robert G. Heft ended up the nation's new flag—and a truly inspiring story.

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Mark Buehrle gives dogs hope through Sox for Strays

White Sox’s Buehrle Offers Hope—and Help

When a lost dog was found badly injured, he stepped up to the plate.

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A lit menorah

Hanukkah Lights of Friendship and Faith

Fighting anti-Semitism, one block at a time.

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Stories of Faith

Prayer on the Syllabus: Faith and Education Can Work Together

Let the kids learn. They’ll find faith. God has a way of showing up in the curriculum.

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Ray Kimbrell carries son Patrick
Special Needs Children

A Marine Dad's Most Important Duty

I was a Marine, an officer, a lifer—until Patrick came to test my faith.

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Dennise Sellers was a mom on a mission: to achieve success and happiness as a nurse
Managing Life Changes

Inspired to Make a Mid-Life Switch to Nursing

A journey of personal growth for one single mom leads her down paths she never expected, to the happiness she always wanted.

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Motivational Stories

TED Talks

Why the TED Talks organization inspires Guideposts with their speakers.

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Healing with Harmony

How healing with harmony provides comfort for patients.

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Retired Chaplain (Major General) G.T. Gunhus
Military Outreach Stories

Guideposts Outreach Presents Military Day of Prayer

Join us in praying for our country's brave servicemen, women and their loved ones.  Send a prayer request to show your support.

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Perfect Gift for the Child in Your Life

The book shares some insightful tips on how children can help the environment.

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