Your neighbors, friends, colleagues, fellow churchgoers, and people you do business with make up the rich tapestry of your community. Embrace your community and make sure to do your part to make it stronger.
Dana with some of her staff. 'We're like family,' she says.
Addiction and Recovery

How Dana Smith's Diner Supports the Recovery Community

Dana Smith, who has been sober since 2007, shares how she came to open D's Friendly Diner, where nearly all the employees are in recovery.

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A community group helping to clean up litter.
Resource Center

5 Ways to Get More Involved with Your Community

Activities that spark your interests can give you a recharge from caregiving.

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Prayer group
Power of Prayer

4 Simple Reasons to Ask Others to Pray for You

When it feels as if everything is falling apart, it’s time to reach out to others. Here’s why.

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Photo provided by Good Samaritan Society
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6 Tips for Staying Safe Online

Practice Internet safety with your loved one by following these helpful tips.

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A man sitting on a park bench alone.
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The Loneliness Epidemic: Can We Fight It With Technology?

Using technology can reduce health risks and isolation for seniors in the future.

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Mom Buys 1,500 Pairs of Shoes to Donate to Her Community
People Helping People

Mom Buys 1,500 Pairs of Shoes to Donate to Her Community

The unlikely purchase is bringing the neighborhood together.

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Photo Credit: Scott Lowden
Caregiver Stress

How Laura Story Found 'Blessings' in Caregiving

The singer shares how her husband’s brain tumor challenged—and ultimately strengthened—her faith.

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Church and happiness
Health and Wellness

7 Ways Church Can Make You Happier

What is it about regular church attendance that is so crucial to one’s well-being?

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Wally the alligator and his caretaker.
Service Animals

Meet Wally, the Emotional Support Alligator

The five-foot-long alligator enjoys watching television, rummaging the kitchen cupboard and bringing joy to others.

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Maddie McGarvey

How The Good News Llamas Spread God's Love

Tom Ross always felt like he and his wife, Judy, should be doing something more with their lives, so he decided to buy some llamas. Judy was skeptical, but when she saw how these animals helped others, it not only changed her view but their lives as well.

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