Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Antoinette Tuff
Readers' Favorite Stories

Letting God Speak Through Her

She could have run. Instead she talked, and more than 800 students were spared.

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Chuck Turk and his wife, Marilyn, pose in front of the Little River Lighthouse.
God's Grace

Guided by a Divine Navigator

The fog grew thicker, until it was all he could see. He didn’t know where they were.

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Lois Halley

Reassured by a Dream Angel

A fearful child's heavenly dream brings a lifetime of comfort and peace.

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A woman seen from behind getting a short haircut
Living With Cancer

Prayers Anwered, No Waiting

Her prayer for guidance during her cancer treatment was answered promptly.

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Nursel Aydin
Emotional and Mental Health

The Great Baklava Challenge

Why did her husband promise she made a delicious baklava? Was he crazy?

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Brian Brown with his daughter Heather
God's Grace

His Daughter the Hero

He wasn't sure his daughter was up to handling a crisis, but she came through.

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Troy, John and John’s wife, Ronda, with Bikers Against Child Abuse
People Helping People

An Angelic Superhero Rises to the Challenge

He wasn't a superhero; he just dressed like one. But an opportunity to be an angel arose.

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