Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Shawnelle Eliasen
Emotional and Mental Health

The Faith to Face Her Fear

She feared public speaking. Why had she promised to give a speech at church?

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Paraplegic Sri Lestari and her brother ride in a specially designed motorcycle.

A Journey to Inspire

Paraplegic Sri Lestari sets out on a motorcycle trip to rally others with physical disabilities.

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Daily Devotionals: Stories of faith in frustration;  Guideposts
Persistent Prayer

Finding Faith Through Frustration

Some days life feels too hard. It’s tempting to despair. But I find it helpful to remember what Job did...

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Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway
How to Pray

The Faithful Choice

I suddenly noticed how different my prayers were, simply because I had no choice but to be there...

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Matthew Cordle
Emotional and Mental Health

The Courage to Confess

Matthew Cordle confesses in an online video to killing a man in a DUI accident. He was just sentenced to 6.5 years in prison.

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An artist's rendering of a tan fedora on a stage before a red velvet curtain
Power of Prayer

An Angel's Proverbial Presence

Max Lucado shares an amazing dream that gave him courage before heart surgery.

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Motivational speaker and author Jon Gordon
Emotional and Mental Health

The Gift of Failure

Failing is a blessing, a stepping stone that leads to success. Here’s why.

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Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway
Devotions for Women

Living Unselfishly

My mind reeled as I realized this little miracle happens every day...

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Nancy Moser, author of The Journey of Josephine Cain

Into New Territory

The author of The Journey of Josephine Cain talks about how God opens doors and sometimes, if we’re brave, we walk through them.

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Amy Hauser with husband Tom

Twelve Months to Heal a Marriage

It took a battle against cancer for her to realize how deeply she loved her husband.

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