Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Christy Hoss with her son, Andrew
Coping With Illness

A Mother, Her Son and Type 1 Diabetes

If she couldn’t manage her own metabolic disease, how could she help her son with his?

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Rick Hamlin and his friend Joanne onstage at Carnegie Hall
Positive Living

An Inspiring Carnegie Hall Debut

He’d long ago let go of the dream to sing at Carnegie Hall, but it hadn’t let go of him.

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Contemporary Christian recording artist Mandisa

Mandisa's "Overcomer" Celebrates Courage and Faith

Singer Mandisa honors survivors of life-threatening situations who are now thriving.

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Sue Gray with some of her students
Finding Life Purpose

Inspired to Provide Spiritual Nourishment

It was the challenge she'd been waiting for. But could she do it?

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Hannah Barrett

A Teenager's Soulful Song

Hannah Barrett moves the judges on "The X-Factor" with her story and her voice.

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Phil Nicklin and the mothering leopard seal

Nurtured in Frigid Waters by an Unlikely "Mother"

Photog Phil Nicklin recounts his amazing Antarctic encounter with a giant leopard seal.

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A black cocker spaniel reclines with scraps of torn newspaper at its feet.
God's Grace

A Ticket to Life

He was about to undergo major surgery. Why was his dog acting so strangely?

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A glowing white cross appears in a smoky, fire-ravaged landscape.
God's Grace

A Life-Saving Beacon

Two deputy sheriffs, attempting to rescue an elderly woman, are guided through thick smoke by a mysterious light.

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A funnel cloud dips down from dark, stormy clouds.
God's Grace

Faith Provides Shelter from the Storm

She'd never been through a tornado, but a passage of Scripture bolstered her against fear.

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Katie Powers
Emotional and Mental Health

Running on Faith

A terrorist’s biggest weapon is fear. But it wasn’t enough to make this nurse back down.

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