Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Kids in a car on a road trip.
Emotional and Mental Health

Mysterious Ways: An Inspiring, De-stressing Detour

A surprise choral concert soothes the jangled nerves of an anxious traveler.

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A comic-book-style illustration of Craig Pennington & the young woman he helped

A Silent Offering of Hope and Help

A desperate young woman needed his help. But would he find the words to save her?

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Nik Wallenda walking across the Grand Canyon. Photo credit: Discovery Channel
Answered Prayers

Nik Wallenda's Incredible Act of Faith

He was praying with virtually every step: Guide me God, praise you Jesus... I started to pray with him.

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Gabby Douglas and her mom, Natalie Hawkins

Gabby Douglas: The Gift of God's Word

Meet Olympic champion Gabby Douglas' most important coach.

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Bible Resources

Bible Verses to Boost Your Confidence

Overcome negative thinking with Scripture and tips from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

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Pat Waldron

Heavenly Help

He farmed all 188 acres all on his own—or did he?

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Caroline Updyke with her daughter Lauren
Special Needs Children

Making the Most of God's Gifts

Her daughter was brave about her learning disability, braver than her mother.

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Zach Sobiech
Positive Thinking

Departing with Grace and Gratitude

You'll be inspired by how this teen responded when he learned he had just months to live.

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A field of pansies
Living With Cancer

The Perfectly Timed Pansies

She received a heaven-sent message, just when she needed it.

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Prayer blogger Peola Hicks
Request Prayer

Military Day of Prayer

We can pray that God will be their refuge. We can pray that God is with them in their times of trouble.

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