Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Faith the dog

Faith the Dog's Inspiring Life

Watch as Faith the dog entertains and inspires everyone she meets. 

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Guideposts Classics: Peggy Fleming's Toughest Competition
Emotional and Mental Health

Guideposts Classics: Peggy Fleming's Toughest Competition

In this story from December 1969, Olympic figure skating champion Peggy Fleming shares a lesson she learned the hard way.

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Kris Freeman in training
Coping With Illness

An Olympian's Battle with Diabetes

Skier Kris Freeman didn't let diabetes prevent him from pursuing his Olympic dreams.

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An artist's rendering of Native-American angels speaking to young Kenneth
Work Life

Four Winds

I spent the summer living like a Lakota Sioux Indian.

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David May and his daughter Amara

His Daughter Inspired Him to Talk the Talk

If not for his daughter, this dad might not have overcome his fear of public speaking.

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General Omar Bradley
Positive Thinking

General Omar Bradley's Memorial Day Address

Revisit Gen. Omar Bradley's 1948 Memorial Day address at Long Meadow, Mass.

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Grandpa and the Raging Bull

A voice spoke out to help him save Pa…

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Managing Life Changes

The Power of Weakness, Part Two

The Guideposts senior editor praises Leymah Gbowee's courage to face Liberia's leaders.

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A woman, viewed from behind, addressing a group of people
Emotional and Mental Health

How to Get Podium Power

Here are 6 tips for overcoming fear of public speaking.

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George Dawson
Finding Life Purpose

Never Too Late to Learn

One man had to overcome his pride before he could overcome a lifelong obstacle.

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