Headed in the Right Direction with the Good Book in Hand

My GPS and my Bible are helping me get there.

by - Posted on Jun 10, 2010

Devotional writer, Mary Lou Carney

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.—Proverbs 3:6

I am not very good at directions. Okay, the truth is I’m terrible at directions. I get lost in airport terminals and mall parking lots. I shudder every time I stop to ask directions and someone says, “Oh, it’s easy. You can’t miss it.” Because that’s exactly what I always do: miss it.

So last year, when we bought a new car, my husband asked if I’d like to have a Global Positioning System (GPS) included that would help me navigate.

Now I have an electronic pal who speaks to me, telling me where to turn and what lane I need to be in for exits. I have a colorful digital map with a small arrow that is “me,” so I can watch as I progress down highways and toward intersections.

But before any of this marvelous assistance can take place, I have a screen full of text that comes up every time I start my car. It contains a promise that I must make to drive carefully, obey traffic rules—and not stare too much at the navigational screen. And until I hit the AGREE button, I get no help or guidance.

I thought of that GPS last night when I opened my Bible. It, too, wants to give me direction as I travel the road of life. But first I have to agree to take time to read its words, to apply its wisdom, to surrender to its Author.

I’ll probably always be “directionally challenged,” but I know that if I use both my GPS and my Bible wisely, I’ll be making more right turns in life.

Lead me, Father, down the road that will take me closer to You.

This devotion is excerpted from Daily Guideposts.

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