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All prayer requests sent to Guideposts gets prayed for.  Find out how it's done and also how to become a volunteer.

- Posted on Aug 23, 2011

 We will pray for you by name and need." That’s the promise we make to everyone who sends Guideposts a prayer request. Everyone.

How do we do it? We get almost a mil­lion requests a year. They come to us by phone, mail and through the web (check us out at That’s more than 2,000 people who need our prayer support every day. It’s my job to make sure every one of these people is prayed for, often within hours of a request. I couldn’t possibly do that on my own or even with the help of our dedicated staff. The help—and what amazing help it is—comes through volunteers, more than a thousand of them around the world who pray for requests by phone or online from their homes. Because they span so many different time zones, they pro­vide a blanket of support 24/7.

Let me introduce you to one of them. Robin Michel lives close to our offices in Pawling, New York. Years ago she came to one of our Thanksgiving Day of Prayer services. She had some seri­ous needs herself. Still, she started praying through a stack of requests. An amaz­ing thing happened. "I start­ed to feel at peace about my troubles," she says. "Pray­ing for others brought me so much closer to God."

Robin was so inspired, she went through our volunteer training. These days she prays for others using her computer at home. And she still gets that incredible sense of peace.

Want to be a volunteer like her? Visit our and click on “volunteer” or call us at (845) 855-4347 and we'll mail you an application. Don't forget to send us your own requests (of course they're kept confidential). We'll remember you by name and need. Robin, our other dedi­cated volunteers and I promise.

Peola Hicks is the manager of OurPrayer.

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