A Prayer for Today

This evergreen prayer from 1968 on peace and unity still holds true to this day.

- Posted on Nov 9, 2020

Group of people around the world.

As editor of 60 Days of Prayer Magazine, I am always on the look-out for uplifting prayers to feature each month.  While in the Guideposts archive, I came across this beautiful prayer with historical significance.  Over fifty years ago, as astronaut Frank Borman soared around the moon in Apollo 8, he spoke these words which were transmitted to earth and heard by millions around the globe on Christmas Eve, 1968. Its sentiment still holds true today. May we pray for peace and unity on earth.

Give us, o God, the vision

which can see Thy love

in the world

in spite of human failure.

Give us the faith

to trust Thy goodness

in spite of our ignorance

and weakness.

Give us the knowledge

that we may continue to pray

with understanding hearts

And show us what each one of us

can do to set forward

the coming of the day

of universal peace.

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