Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Blessings my beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask for you to come into agreement with me concerning a greater walk spiritually and an increase of The Holy Spirit, like the disciples had received in the upper room So, That I may walk out my confession with power and Fire. I’m desperate for renewal and a fresh start in such a time as this! I once agin have a hunger and thirst for our Lord, and am tired of being lukewarm any longer, and that I may break off all those past chains that had me bound, I trust that Father Gods words and promises will not return to Him void! But accomplished in my life. I also would love to be true my latter days will be greater then my beginnings. Thank you and God bless Jay

Thank you for our blessings Lord.Help J to fix the frozen car in the best possible way.Help J to be successful, problem free& profitable now. Help resolution of the old jobs to be without problems, the shop cleaned,paperwork done,&no more tax fees.These are urgent needs. HelpPepper to be healed completely. Help Joe & Jon to resolve all problems. Help E's leg to be healed&all tests to be normal. Help J's neck eye, back & arm to heal without problems . Help us to have enough money to pay all bills,taxes and fees.Help J to get the best possible job immediately and fix the toolbox. Help the book to be a great success.Help the suit to be resolved in the best possible way. Help J,E,E&N to be totally safe and healthy.Help N’s father and Craig to be healed completely.Help my tooth pain to heal.Help the virus to be totally erased now. Help me to work out the estate paperwork correctly&our resources safe.Our needs are in your hands Lord. Thank you.

My family and friends and myself stay healthy during this virus epidemic.

I know God is with me at all times, but sometimes it feels like he has left my side. Right now I have been ill for seven weeks, and with this Corona virus my doctor is not seeing patients. I feel deserted. Please pray for my getting better soon.

Protect my coworkers and I at our essential job.

I applied for a job in a different department at work but instead they gave it to somebody that knows nothing about the job, I have not been the same I feel over looked I want the lord to bless me with promotion and a raise

Prayers to find a new job. Thanking God for his blessings!

Have recently received prayer requests from church prayer chain. Jennifer's mother has cancer, several adult children of members are in serious condition with Covid-19. Please pray for them and all who are suffering.

Dear Lord please bless my oldest son Dan and his wife with healthy babies

Please pray for my grades. And for Corbin to talk to me. Pray for Rosie cam Shayne ash j l cam carter Jen cody dad jack maw uncle b sam Makayla mak Annie clay kaysi Noah and for all the other lost. Pray that they accept Jesus. ANd pray for our safety and Jackie and ayla. IN JESUS NAME AMEN