Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Praise the Lord,
Thanks for praying for my mother in law name Veena - F 55 brain surgery tumour was removed (on 04-02-2020) operation was successful due to your prayers. After that doctors said that 72 hours are critical she will be kept in ICU but within 36 hours she was shifted in the recovery room. She started talking we also prayed for all ICU patients present that time whole ICU ward got empty. Praise the Lord, all patients got discharged next day itself. Now tomorrow (19-02-2020) doctors will open her stitches. And her biopsy results showed that tumour is of cancer. Now please pray for her right now she is bed ridden. She is not able to talk. Eat food from mouth and not able to do all her normal activity.
God gives her strength to stand still and do all her activity normally. And praise god and give the testimony. Please pray for her

Please pray for daughter, Alyson, stuck in a job requiring excessive, demanding hours. Because of her education, employers are only interested in moving her up the ladder, when she wants to move down the ladder, so she has less stress and depression. I new career path may help her but most employers are unwilling to accept persons changing careers.

YOU ARE MIGHTY, YOU ARE HOLY, YOU ARE WORTHY AND DESERVE ALL THE PRAISE MY LORD.I thank GOD in advance for my mouth and jaw being completely healed, including all pain and discomfort which at times is so unbearable. Also trigeminal neuralgia (nerve pain- worst pain known to mankind- called suicide disease) and all pain and discomfort because of dental work, i.e. implants, bar and dentures are fully healed. Also healed from strange sensations and spasms. My dentures feel comfortable, look natural and I talk as though I have natural teeth. My ears are healed and feel good and my face, jaw and mouth feel and look good all in JESUS NAME. PRAISE GOD. I BLESS YOU LORD OH MY SOUL.

pray for satin to be bound out of our marriage life and finances and pray for Anthony to be saved

Please pray all these people to have better health:Terry Wayne,Paul,Rev. Clyde,Tony,Jim and Sue,Vickie,Larry,David,Lewis,Catherine,George,Karen,Jay,Greg,Joyce,aunt Marry,that man that was at church the other night

My husband thinks he is always correct and accuses me of lies and is abusive

I continue to ask for prayers for my son, Mario. Ever since I have been writing to you, the situation has improved considerably. But I would like to Mario to give up alcohol, cigarettes and fastfoods as he has to pay back a heave loan for his car, do up our home a bit and get married. He is 31 and we are in our late 60s. Would like him to settle down before we died as he is are only child and much pampered.

please help dorothy with her health

Richie having surgery Wed for a detached retina Bobby-cancer Dani-right college and a scholorship forgive Dad and Aunt be more lovable Dee-financial, stress, guidance with life Shirley take away fear and worry trust more

For rjk, Thank you for your Continued healing and support. Keep him strong in mind body and spirit. Heal his shoulder and back and rid him of his pain. Help him to start losing weight again. Let him not catch my cold but be healthy and feel good. Restore him to full health and vitality. Give him purpose and help him engage more each day. Fill his soul with happiness and joy and bless him abundantly.