Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

My son for protection, safety, peace. Mercy, grace. Increased faith, hope, love. Healing from great trauma. Miracle prosperity and miracle provision. Great benefactors. Enough good food, good sleep, good rest, good clothing. Godly people to help him. Family in Christ. The desires of his heart. Joy of the Lord. All the knowledge he needs. Bills paid, debt cancelled.
His truck working excellently consistently. A new free excellent truck if he needs it. Favor with excellent mechanics. Free supplies and services. Knowing how to deal with all situations at home. A great job. No more stress.
Touch and agree for a born again church who embraces him and ministers to him. Touch and agree that he can stop taking dangerous meds safely and safely lose weight. Touch and agree that he can work and still receive his benefits because he cannot support himself yet.
All abuse to him gone.
In Christ we are expecting great MIRACLES. AMEN?

Pray the kittens care call alright none sick. Pray the mommys cats are well. Too one kitten 8 weeks old bite me and daughter , we been to doctor too. Pray the kitten is not sick. Please pray this for me SBD my daughter and we don't have problems or do not get sick from a kitten bitting us. and can find them homes soon. Too. As planned. Pray kittens are all fine . they've never been outside. Pray for mercy on me and my daughter Rachel that they are all cats and kittens are in good health.
Please need prayer.

Please pray for a place of refuge for us or that people stop abusing us where we live.

Lord, give favor to Jenn today with her machine, Lord, let there be no more problems. Heal Julian, too, and Kaylee. Thank you, Lord for the favor today. Amen

Thank you, Jesus for this blessed day, Lord, for being with us every step,thank you for giving me favor with work, Lord, let this job cancel, Lord, so that I could get rest, thank you, Lord. Bring my family, friends, their family closer to you, Lord, give us wisdom, Lord. Help Nico with job today, Lord, let it happen, Lord. Bless him with his sales, Bless Sylvia with job, too, Maria, Maurice, Jake. Thank you, Lord, for bringing peace in my family, Lord, and with friends. Continue to work in me, Lord, my addictions, my pain, insecurities, envy. Heal Jesse, Lord, heal Emma, Isabel, Dee, Holly, Ida, Chita, Millie, Dora, Lydia, Sinyee. Put me in your paths, Lord, let people see you in me. In Jesus name, amen, thank you for our blessings, let there be no complaints today. Amen

Please help me pray for motivation in finding a great job. Please pray that I his spirit of sprees ion be lifted up from me.

Please pray for me and my family

Pray the kittens are all OK and the mommy cats too. One kitten bite me and my daughter. Yes it bleed. We went to the doctor. Pray the kittens are all good health abf there nothing to worry about for me and daughter and kittens and other cats mommy cat and no rabies. . please thank you.
I am worried . but I font think he is sick . or his Mommy. Or any of the cats.

Please pray to make this just for me in every way.

In the name of Jesus prayers for healing, safety, success and happiness for me and my family; help me to know and do God's will. Thank you.