Whether he's Daddy, Dad, Pop, Papa, or simply a father figure, your father is an influential person in your life, the man who helped give you your life and who has the power to set you on your life's path.
Stephanie Thompson at the gym
Motivational Stories

Seeing Herself Through God's Eyes

Her alcoholic father had burdened her with a negative body image. She finally got fit when she let go of the past.

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Illustration of four colorful cars
God's Grace

How a Traffic Detour Led to the Best Father's Day Ever

His traditional Father's Day celebration was cancelled, but thanks to divine timing, his day took a miraculous turn.

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A Message She Needed To Hear

She was once embarrassed by her father's job with the railroad until a stranger helped her view his legacy in a new light. 

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An adult daughter embraces her senior mother
Alzheimer's and Dementia

5 Tips for Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer's

Ruth Drew of the Alzheimer’s Association shares advice, including how to build a support network and taking time for yourself.  

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An artist's rendering of an after shave lotion bottle with angel wings.

A Familiar Scent Was a Heaven-Sent Message

When she suddenly smelled her late father’s aftershave, she knew it was a sign to seek medical help.  

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Actress Yvette Nicole Brown
Alzheimer's and Dementia

Yvette Nicole Brown on Caring for Her Father with Alzheimer's

Even as the actress’s father’s dementia worsened, their relationship deepened

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Illustration of three angels

The Angels That Helped Her Say Goodbye to Her Dad

Scared and unwilling to let her father go, she found strength through four angelic beings at his bedside.

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1950s teens line up for the polio vaccine
Coping With Illness

His Son's Brave Battle to Recover from Polio Bolstered a Father's Faith

In this story from the October 1954 issue of Guideposts, a father writes a touching letter to his son.

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Cindy Abel
Inspiring Stories

How ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ Shaped One Family’s Future

Cindy Abel shares the impact Dr. Norman Vincent Peale had on her father—and their entire family.

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Maryanne (right) with Gail
Aging Parents

She Found Purpose as a Family Caregiver

After being laid off from her job, she embraced the role of multigenerational caregiver for her parents and her developmentally-disabled sister. 

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