Whether he's Daddy, Dad, Pop, Papa, or simply a father figure, your father is an influential person in your life, the man who helped give you your life and who has the power to set you on your life's path.
Rick's son Timothy and a soup kitchen volunteer.
People Helping People

The Soup Kitchen Chef

A son whose Fridays and Saturdays are devoted to others.

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Michelle Cox (second from right) with her family at Disney World.

The Gang Goes to Disney World!

Make some memories today. They'll hold your family together for years to come.

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Happy Birthday, William Hamlin!

Happy Birthday, Son!

28 years ago you created a totally smitten mother and father.

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Photo of a crown by ivan_7316, Thinkstock.
Movies and TV

You Are Royalty

It doesn't matter what you do or where you were born. God's Word has handed you a crown.

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Rainbow over Los Angeles.
God's Grace

Look for the Rainbow

A personal sign from God for a worried mom leaving a daughter behind in a big city.

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Teen boys and teen girls.

Teen Guys versus Teen Girls

For parents of teen boys, don't forget the hugs and kisses!

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An artist's rendering of Lina's three angels

The 3 Angels of Quito

How a little charm, a chance encounter and a phone call helped her find her wings...

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An artist's rendering of young Douglas Scott Clark and his Mamaw

A Poultice and a Prayer

Yarrow, sassafras—Mamaw knew the secret of the healing powers of ordinary plants

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