Angel Sightings

Dear Reader,

Do you believe in angels?

Do you believe you have a guardian angel?

Have you ever felt the presence of angels?

Do you believe that angels act as God’s special messengers?

In this free downloadable eBook from the editors of Angels on Earth Magazine, you’ll discover stories of angels on earth and the messages they deliver.

Stories of catastrophes averted, illnesses cured, and ill-fortunes reversed.

We believe angels visit us today. Ministering spirits guard us and offer us reassuring evidence of God’s love and mercy.

You’ll find stories like these in Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories About Everyday Angels on Earth.

So when we ask, “Do you believe in angels?” there is absolutely no question in our minds.

We believe angels do exist. Do you?

Here’s how to decide for yourself:

Belief and skepticism about angels are two sides of the same coin.

If you're intrigued by the mystery of angels, you’re not alone.

For some, the evidence of heavenly angels visiting on earth is anecdotal.

Others of us know, with absolute certainty, that our spiritual journey has included miraculous encounters with ministering angels.

And as anyone who has engaged with angels knows, the experiences that are the most startlingly convincing and conclusive are often the most difficult to relate.

That’s because they are so personal, so intimate that communicating the encounter is difficult.

But fortunately, Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories About Everyday Angels on Earth helps bridge the gap of our understanding.

These are true, well-documented accounts of people whose lives were transformed through a meeting with an angelic being or an earth angel.

They are first-person stories that explore the faith-affirming existence of angels among us.

Some of the people in these stories have been saved from disasters or disease, and have had an angel by their side through it all.

Others simply have felt an undeniable celestial presence that brought comfort during a time of turmoil and anxiety.

If you would like to experience the encouragement of these amazing and uplifting stories, please click the button below to download your complimentary copy of Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories About Everyday Angels on Earth, right now.

Angels can come to us in dreams, on a breeze or in a strain of music.

The profound mysteries of God's messages—and his celestial messengers—don’t demand scientific proof. They simply present themselves to inspire and instill in us faith and hope.

That’s the significance of these uplifting stories.

These are mysterious and unexplained experiences that people have had with angels.

They are inscrutable accounts of destinies altered and tragedies averted.

These stories will intrigue you and pull at the strings of your heart.

And only you can decide their spiritual significance.

Personally, I believe there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that we are not alone in our time of trouble, and that God sends angels to help and minister to us in our time of trial and need.

So, I urge you to follow your inclination and download Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories About Everyday Angels on Earth without further hesitation.

There is no cost and no obligation. But the rewards of experiencing these inspiring stories could be priceless.

Colleen Hughes

P.S. What is an angel?

Sometimes an angel is a heavenly being doing God’s work on earth. Heavenly angels come in many guises, from helpful animals to mysterious strangers. They can be glorious beings with wings, or they can look almost human.

Here on earth we have another kind of angel. Earth angels are people who play angelic roles in the lives of those around them. We never know where an angel will appear, but one thing we do know: Angels always surprise us. They can come to us in dreams, on a breeze or in a strain of music.

Your spiritual journey exploring the miraculous occasions of human encounters with ministering angels could begin right now. Simply click the button below.