A Prayer for Every Need

There are many different kinds of prayer. There are prayers of gratitude, expressing thanks for all the blessings in our lives. There are words of praise—a joyous exultation that celebrates God’s love, God’s mercy and magnificence. Prayers can unburden your heart.  And, of course, prayers can be a humble request that your needs—and the needs of others—be met.

In our FREE eBook A Prayer for Every Need, you’ll find prayers you can use for just about every situation life throws at you. These Christian prayers will serve as a guide to help you strengthen your daily prayer practice and deepen your faith and relationship with God.

In our FREE eBook A Prayer for Every Need, you’ll find Christian prayers for the different circumstances you may face.  You’ll find prayers that take you from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Because the more you pray, the better able you are to hear and recognize God’s answers to your prayers.

How do we know? Because at Guideposts, we receive more than 60,000 prayer requests a month, by telephone, mail and e-mail. And our thousands of prayer volunteers pray for every one by name and need. The prayers in A Prayer for Every Need are some of the many prayers written by our founder, Norman Vincent Peale, during his years as senior minister at Marble Collegiate Church. We have seen the miracles these prayers have worked in the lives of millions since Guideposts was founded more than 60 years ago. We have witnessed the goodness that prayer brings to life. And we know these prayers can help you too.

Daily prayer brings you closer to God.

In the FREE eBook A Prayer for Every Need, you’ll have a resource you can turn to for guidance whether in simple gratitude or when you or someone you love is in a deep crisis. You’ll find:

  • Daily Prayers: You’ll have prayers to guide you throughout your day, from starting your day on a positive note to giving thanks at meals to making the best decisions during the day to sleeping peacefully at night.

  • Prayers for Families: You’ll have the words that open your heart when you need to pray because of family troubles—the arguments that alienate husbands and wives; the anger that arises when children misbehave or the division born of misunderstanding. Prayers of forgiveness can help restore peace to your home.

  • Prayers for When You’re Afraid: Prayer gives us strength to face the tests and misfortunes life places before us. Problems at work. Financial troubles. Illness. All of us encounter fear at some time. These daily prayers can give you spiritual courage as you learn to rely not on your own strength, but on the deep reserve of strength that comes from God.

  • Prayers for the Times You Can’t Pray: Sometimes your faith falters. You lose your connection to God, your ability to pray. There is no shame in this. When your heart is broken and you feel far from God, these prayers will help bring you home. 

  • Prayers of Gratitude and Praise: When you express your gratitude to God, you are recognizing the source of all blessings in your life. And by expressing praise, you connect to the deep current of God’s joy in creation. Learn these prayers by heart, and your heart will sing.

These are just some of the kinds of prayers you will find in A Prayer for Every Need. When you download this FREE eBook, you’ll have a full palette of prayers, for every emotion and situation. Prayers that help you speak your deepest truth. And prayers that can help free you from worry.

Prayer is simply a conversation with God.

When you come home from work, you probably talk about your day with your family, reviewing the highlights and discussing problems that have arisen. Daily prayer is reviewing your day with God. Expressing gratitude for what went well.  Seeking guidance when needed. It is an intimate conversation, where you can say anything with the understanding that forgiveness and grace can be yours.

Of course, sometimes we need conversation starters. We can sometimes feel awkward speaking to God. A Prayer for Every Need will give you words so you find your own. And the sheer variety of prayerful occasions will open your eyes to the opportunity for prayer in every moment—a practice that brings you closer to God.

Sometimes we hold resentment in our hearts towards God without realizing it, and this can keep us from prayer. We can be angry at how our lives are going, and harden our hearts. Prayer opens the heart and helps us align ourselves with God’s will—indeed, be able to listen for what His will might be.

Does daily prayer make a difference?

Sometimes people wonder: Does God really cares about the minutiae of our lives? About our hopes and fears, our desires and needs? He does! We know this is true. Matthew 7:7 reminds us to: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”  

What can we ask for in our daily prayers? Whatever our heart desires, whatever we require in life.  This can include:

  • Healing For ourselves and those we care for
  • Security Freedom from worries
  • Sustenance Both physical and spiritual nourishment
  • Guidance Help in making important decisions
  • Strength We are all faced with temptations that we need strength to resist
  • Reconciliation To help us forgive and ask forgiveness from others

God is ready to answer your call. When you download your FREE copy of A Prayer for Every Need, you’ll feel as though you have a phone book that gives you God’s direct number, with the right “extension” for your needs.