A Blessing in the Making

A military family and friends pull together during the worries over a deployment–and find grace.

Posted in , Jun 6, 2017

Coping with a military deployment

I studied the now-familiar scene surrounding me. We were six months into our oldest son’s last deployment, and our home office had become the family’s headquarters. My husband sat at his desk—as usual—tapping on the computer keys while keeping track of conversation.

Our son’s best friend stood in the doorway, telling yet another story of how the week was going, while our soon-to-be daughter-in-law sat cross-legged on the floor beside my desk. Our younger sons wandered in and out as the mood took them.

Our little band had weathered some tough terrain with a loved one fighting a war half a world away, but God had remained steadfast and brought us through. While it was still a few months away from homecoming, I marveled at the peace and joy that permeated the room.

By sticking together—and keeping our focus on God—we’d been able to find peace in the midst of fear, joy in the midst of loneliness and love in the midst of separation. We were going to be all right.

As I looked from one precious figure to another, I realized that this was part of the blessing that God had planned all along. Yes, having a son on the front line in a war zone was unbelievably stressful. But God had a purpose, not just for our son but for all of us. He’d knitted this band together into a family that could weather any storm and face any battle.

God does that, you know. He takes devastating circumstances, sifts them through His perfect love and brings out blessings. I can see now—several years beyond that time—how much of a blessing God gave us. Our family is stronger because that time of struggle gave us a core of steel. We know what it is to worry, wait and wonder together.

Next time you find yourself dealing with a tough situation, stop and look around. I bet you’ll be able to see a blessing in the making, too. 

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