Trading Love Stories at the Beach

Family stories of true love fill a daughter’s romantic heart with hope.

Posted in , Feb 24, 2017

Love stories at the beach

I just came back from Florida, where I was visiting my snowbirding parents during Valentine’s Day week. Thankfully it’s been so warm here in New York City that I haven’t had too much trouble adjusting to the weather change (I’ve actually been quite cordial toward my nemesis, aka my sleeping bag-esque winter coat).

Even so, I do miss the beach. As you probably know from reading this blog, there’s nothing I love more than surf and sand. That’s one reason I scheduled my vacation to coincide with Valentine’s Day. I’m single, which means the beach is the closest thing I have to a one true love!

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I wanted to make the most of my week in Florida. So every day, my mom and I woke up early to get to the beach and stayed as late as we could. My aunt, who’s also snowbirding in Florida with my uncle, would sometimes join us.  

My mom and aunt spent most of our time on the beach regaling me with love stories from the old country. I got the inside scoop on their own love stories, as well as those of random people they knew back in Turkey, where they grew up. Our love-themed story time was one of my favorite parts of my trip. Especially when my mom and aunt took turns telling the same tale, filling in details the other left out. It was like seaside theater!

I didn’t have an official Valentine. But I couldn’t help but feel thankful for my mom and aunt, and their stories that filled me with hope. Neither of them saw their soul mates coming. And yet they’ve each been married for more than 40 years, now snowbirding with their better halves.

I can only hope I get to snowbird in Florida one day with my soul mate. If not, though, there’s always the beach. And my family, the best soul mates I could ask for.

Do you have a great story about how you met your soul mate? Share it below! 

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