Author's mom with cat, Jade.

Mom's Merry Tiger

How could I cheer Mom up for the holidays?

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close-up of an orange tabby cat.

The Heaven-Sent Tabby Cat

How a stray became an ambassador of good will.

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A black-and-white kitten uses its rear paws as playthings.

This Kitten Gets a Kick Out of Its Rear Paws

This adorable kitten is so eager to roughhouse, it picks a fight with its own paws!

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A cat and a rat curl up together for a nap.

A Different Take on the Peaceable Kingdom

They may not be the lion and lamb, but the lesson is the same.

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Cricket the Persian kitten

Cute Kitten Attack!

Start your day off right with this awww-some video of Cricket, a fluffy and adorable Persian.

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Harmony the Comfort Cat

Willow the Heaven-Sent Comfort Cat

How a homeless kitten came to minister to the residents of a nursing home

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a gorgeous orange tabby cat with peridot eyes

Perry’s Good Shepherd

A very special kitty renacts a comforting parable from the Bible.

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A cat interrupts a videotaping.

Cameo for a Cat

The perfect antidote to Monday morning blues: a cat video that's sure to get you laughing.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin and his cat, Fred

Purrs and Psalms

I closed my eyes and could imagine purring accompanying my praying. I felt right at home.

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An artist's rendering of a cat with a chickadee perched on its head

The Cat Who Sang Like an Angel

An injured bird and a nearby feline is a recipe for disaster, but the kitty's better nature prevails.

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A cat named Murphy with orange angel wings

Angel Incognito

“Don’t be so hard on Murphy,” my mom told me. “He’s a little angel.” “Angel,” I scoffed. “How?”

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Lazarus the Miracle Kitty

Lazarus the Miracle Kitty

Born with a cleft palate and abandoned, Lazarus found the perfect home where he inspires people from all over the world.

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