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A family prays at the Thanksgiving table

A Thanksgiving Prayer, Answered

In this excerpt from Daily Guideposts, our annual collection of uplifting devotions, Patty Kirk shares an inspiring Thanksgiving memory.

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Grandma Mimi and her daughter/granddaughter. Photo credit: Natalia Weedy

This Grandmother Made the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

Her granddaughter’s dairy allergy seemed daunting. But with a new attitude, and a little creativity, she made a memorable meal.

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Peggy Frezon with her husband Mike, and her therapy dog Ernest. Photo by Roy Gumpel

A Golden Retriever Helped Her Handle Her Panic Attack

She’d trained Ernest as a therapy dog, but now she needed his help with her anxiety.

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Therapy Dog International cerifciation. Photo by Roy Gumpel

Love on a Leash

Therapy dogs can help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety for people in settings like schools and hospitals. 

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Henrietta the chicken

This Rescue Chicken Changed Her Son's Life

She stepped in to help the lonely chicken but never expected what came next.

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Two golden retrievers wearing warming sweaters

Comforting Products for Your Pets

From cozy beds to helpful toys, these clever items offer joy and relief for your furry companion.

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Poquito the chihuahua

Remembering Her Beloved Chihuahua

Poquito Ricardo was more than just her fluffy companion.

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Lisa Workman and her rescue horse, Francie

How the Horse She Rescued Helped Her Find Herself Again

The little bay mare needed her. Taking her in turned out to be the best decision—for them both.

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Christy with her hero and best friend, Moxie

A Service Dog Became This Veteran Amputee's Hero

Deemed 100 percent disabled, she thought her life was over. Then she met Moxie.

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Brushing Dog's Teeth

6 Ways To Keep Your Pet's Smile Healthy

Did you know, you should be brushing your pet’s teeth almost as often as you brush your own? 

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Shelter dog

This Shelter Is Keeping Its Pups Comfy While They Wait for Their Forever Homes

Who knew something as simple as a chair could make all the difference for these shelter dogs?

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Moon with kittens

This Loving Puppy Has Fostered Over 100 Kittens

Moon helps his human rescue and rehabilitate kittens for their local veterinary hospital. 

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