10 Amazing Skills a Military Mom Learned

After a child enlists in the military, you may find yourself developing talents you never knew you had!

Posted in , Jul 1, 2016

In a military family, challenges require new skill sets.

Parents with a child in the military realize there’s a whole new set of challenges we have to master, from packing to prayer to telling military time at a glance. Here’s a quick list of amazing new skill sets I've developed over the years after my son enlisted:

1)  Stuffing
I can cram an unbelievable amount of socks, snacks, lip balm, cleansing wipes and cards and letters from the family in one flat rate box for shipping overseas.

2)  Shipping
I can fill out the multiple, necessary post office forms in record time to send that box.

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3)  Praying
My prayer life began to grow after my son joined the Marines and was eventually deployed to the Mideast. I found that immersing myself in the Bible helped me cope with the anxiety of the unknown as well as understanding God on a deeper level.

4)  Military Precision
I've developed a kind of sonar for military personnel–I can immediately spot a man or woman in uniform across a crowded room, in a public gathering or at any airport.

5)  Immediate Cell Phone Access
When my son was deployed, I never lost my cell phone. I managed to keep it constantly charged and within instant reach for months on end because I never knew when he might be able to give me a quick call from wherever he was in the world.

6)  Appreciation of Brevity
I grew to understand all the love and care poured into a single-sentence email from a deployed son under time pressure.

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7)  Detection
I can still tell at a glance if someone has ever served in the military, even out of uniform. They have a certain air about them–a combination of posture and attitude that's instantly recognizable.

8)  Patience Never Before Attained
I developed almost inhuman patience with civilian friends who said, “I haven’t seen or heard from my child in over a week.” When my son was deployed, I never knew when, or if, I would hear from him again.

9)  Instant Military Time Calculation
I never used to think of 2pm as 14:00. But when I understood that my son ONLY used military time, it became ingrained, especially after missing a precious phone call due to miscalculation.

10)  Praying for Strangers
My daily prayer list always contains the names of soldiers I know only because I've met their friends and family somewhere in a line or at a gathering. In the military, we support each other through prayer, even those we barely know.

As a military family, what new skill sets have you developed? Please share with us below.

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