6 Ways a Military Family Finds Work/Life Balance

A military mom shares what she’s learned about keeping priorities straight.

Posted in , Mar 8, 2016

How a military family finds balance between life and work.

In military families, balancing the demands of work and home life can quickly reach a breaking point. As a military mom, here are six things I’ve learned to keep priorities in order:

1) Commanders come and go. God stays the same.
He will never leave us nor forsake us. Beyond that, when we look to Him for our marching orders, everything else falls into place.

2) Our address may change, but it’s the people who make a place a home.
We can’t let our location define us. As military families especially, we carry home with us from duty station to duty station.

3) Be all in at work, and all in at home.
It’s critical that those in the military not worry about life at home so they can be safe in the field. But it’s also critical that when at home, they be present and not thinking about work.

4) There will always be an obstacle.
Life is sometimes up, sometimes down. We gain strength as we conquer life’s challenges, but we can’t let the fact that there will be more challenges discourage us.

5) Together we stand.
Just like any career, there are decisions about military work to be made. And it’s important that the spouse of the military member be included in those decisions.

6) The uniform doesn’t define us.
Our service men and women feel pride in the uniforms they wear, and as families we share that pride. But the uniform doesn’t totally define the family.

Managing the tension between family and work can pose challenges. But with those hurdles come the sweet taste of victory.

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