Bake a Treat for Someone in the Military

Tips for sending baked goods through the mail to our troops

Posted in , Feb 12, 2016

Bake a treat for someone in the military.

February has lots of fun holidays, but one of my favorites is Bake for Family Fun Month. I know from experience how much receiving homemade treats mean to our men and women in the military. And I love to bake, so it’s a perfect match. 

Here are some tips for sending baked goods through the mail:

1)  Choose firm baked goods such as hardy cookies (like oatmeal and chocolate chip) or bars that won’t crumble.

2)  Quick breads also travel well—like banana, zucchini and pumpkin.

3)  Homemade candy such as peanut brittle and rock candy can also be a good option.

4)  Consider bundling portions in zip top plastic bags to make sharing easier.

5)  Stay away from toppings and ingredients that will melt. A little chocolate inside a baked item can work but coated in chocolate will end up a sticky mess.

6)  Always pack the container tightly to ensure better travel. It’s a good idea to cushion the inside of the box with bubble wrap for an added layer of protection.

In addition to mailing treats, don’t forget the military families who live in your community. A plate of homemade goodies is a wonderful way to remind them how much their sacrifice means to you and the community.

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