Letting Go of Expectations

Why expectations can be a burden and a complication in times of stress

Posted in , Mar 18, 2016

Letting go of expectations in a military family.

I feel like so much of the hardships in my life have been complicated by my own expectations, as well as those of others. I struggled when our son chose to join the military straight out of high school because I had other expectations for his life. (His father and I are both professionals and thought he would go to college first.)

I struggled when our son was deployed because I had always been able to keep him safe when he was growing up at home. (When he was half a world away in a war zone, there was nothing I could physically do to protect him.)

I struggled to be a good military mom because I had expectations about what being “strong” looked like. (I thought I'd be a solo warrior, facing all challenges alone and finding victory through my own efforts. In fact, I found more help in connecting with others and realizing that I needed community.)

God has a path for each of us. That journey doesn’t look like anyone else’s. We may have similarities, and even travel together at times. But my path always diverges because it’s mine and mine alone. 

We can pack and prepare for our journeys through life, but expectations are the one piece of baggage we need to leave behind. Sometimes we include this added weight ourselves, at other times they’re thrust upon us by others. But no matter, we must shed these burdens before they become too much to bear.

I am unique. And I’m the only one who can be the person that God called me to be. So join me in letting go of expectations and experience the freedom of whom you were meant to be.

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