Independence Day

Independence Day marks the anniversary of America's birth and celebrates the enduring values of freedom and democracy we cherish to this day.
Inspiring Stories

The Fireworks of Democracy

What would the Founding Fathers have thought of the rancorous tone of politics? I hope we can suspend hostilities for a few days and remember why we are able to argue in the first place.

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Patrick and his son, Angus
Military Outreach Stories

Fearless on the Fourth of July

A soldier's story of how a community helped him battle his fear of fireworks.

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Robert G. Heft and the American flag
Positive Living

The Surprising Story Behind Our Flag's Design

What started as a creative school project back in the late 1950s for 17-year-old Robert G. Heft ended up the nation's new flag—and a truly inspiring story.

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An artist's rendering of a man with dog watching fireworks.
Managing Life Changes

A Burst of Hope

A divorced mom faces a lonely Fourth of July. But with a little faith, she discovers a new independence.

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