Carm Russell: Two Angels Helped Me Cope

I am so grateful for two people who took time away from their families and jobs to come stay with David during his first week out of the hospital.

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Just a bit more on what has been happening with the journey through my husband's illness...

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.—Proverbs 17:17:

This scripture seems to fit perfectly with two people who gave their time and resources so generously to help us. Todd is my brother and Bruce is our friend (and Casey's father). Both of them took time away from their families and jobs to come stay with David during his first week out of the hospital. It allowed me to go back to work without worrying about him.

David is a paraglegic who gets around in a powerchair so getting in and out of bed is not easy at best and after surgery he is a bit more tentative when transferring. I could not help very much if he missed a transfer so Bruce and Todd tag teamed the first week until David gained strength and confidence again. Of course there were other things they did to help. Meals and even some laundry come to mind. What touched our hearts was the way they blurred the lines between friendship and family. And when something or someone "speaks" to my heart I know it is just another way of God letting me know He is always with me.

As for maintaining my healthy lifestyle during the past several stressful weeks, it has been almost successful. 100 percent perfectly successful? No. But successful none the less for me. I want to live a healthy lifestyle, not be perfect in the way I eat or exercise. I have kept up with my walking, but did not go on a couple of weekdays. In those cases I would go for a walk over the weekend instead. Also the wonderful meals some neighbors and our church family provided were healthy. Almost every one who brought a meal brought a salad. Some of the main entrees were just as healthy, like the yummy, spicy turkey chile and the grilled pork tenderloin. However, I did enjoy a few small bites of that chocolate cake that came with the turkey chile. 

I am very grateful for being able to blog about the past several weeks. I have found that some of the online resources such as blogs and Facebook can be spiritual and theraputic at the same time.


—Carm Russell



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