A Spiritual Principle

Why God's angels answer our prayers eventually.

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I have found that when I want something passionately and constantly and with all my heart, the universe eventually brings it to me.

The thing is that I don’t get it on my timetable and never in the way I would have imagined. Instead it comes to me later, when I’m not thinking about it!  

Have you ever had that experience? “My gosh! I remember wanting that,” you say in surprise. “And here it is! How wonderful!”

Several spiritual principles are involved:

  • First, your wish must do no harm to anyone, or better, it must reflect the highest spiritual ideals of generosity and goodness and help to others.
  • Second, you must long for it with all your mind and heart and soul and strength, and work for it with all you have. 
  • The third is, when you have failed...you give up. Let go. Surrender. Accept reality! And then, if it is good for you, it will be given you.  

I think the angels of God bring us everything we want. The irony is, you only get it when you don’t care anymore.


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Sophy Burnham is the author of 12 books. She is best known for her ground-breaking books on the spiritual dimension of life, including A Book of Angels, The Ecstatic Journey and The Path of Prayer. She is a frequent public speaker and gives workshops worldwide.

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