The Wonders of Winter

How a gray, cold, city day morphed into a warm and wonderful sight

Posted in , Jan 31, 2017

Finding a beach day in the middle of winter

All last week, I couldn’t stop thinking about the beach. And talking about the beach. (If you’re one of the poor souls I cornered into discussing the many wonders of the seashore, I apologize!)

My beach talk was inspired by the weather we’ve been having in New York, which has varied from don’t-you-dare-leave-the-house cold to your-hair-will-never-forgive-you rain. Through it all, I couldn’t help but dream of summers at Coney Island. Weekends spent relaxing in a beach chair, soaking up the sun and contemplating the next ice-cream cone.

Those days are a long way off. But on Wednesday of last week, when the weather finally cleared, I jumped at the chance to walk outside umbrella-free. I wasn’t really sure where to walk during my hour-long lunch break until the South Street Seaport popped into my mind. It’s just a short walk from the office and, although it was chilly out, it seemed to call out to me.    


The more I walked, the better the weather got. By the time I made it to the seaport, the sun was really shining. I spotted a ramp by the water that appeared to lead to a sun deck. I walked up it and was floored by the view that greeted me. The Brooklyn Bridge in all its glory. There were Adirondack chairs strategically positioned all over the deck to take in the postcard-like scene.

Brooklyn Bridge photo by Diana Aydin

I made myself comfortable in one of the chairs, then stretched out my legs and closed my eyes for a minute, soaking up the sun. That’s when I realized I was doing exactly what I would’ve done if I were at the beach. Except, of course, I was wearing a big, puffy winter coat and there was no ice cream in sight!

Still, the thought filled me with happiness. You never know what wonder awaits you after a storm. Like a beach day in the middle of winter in the middle of a work day in the middle of New York City.

What wonders have you stumbled across this winter? Share your stories below!  

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