Miracles don't just come from ancient stories and myths--everyday miracles are all around us, if we only have our eyes open to see them.

An artist's rendering of a girl on a beach with a dolphin in the background

A Mother's Easter Miracle

Her 13-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome had gone missing in the surf. Then a pod of dolphins came to the rescue.

A silouette of the back of a woman's head in mystical light.

Exploring the Makings of a Modern Day Mystic

During a day of silence, a Guideposts editor learns to open himself up to hearing from God.  

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A close up of an aging woman's left eye.

Her Mother With Dementia Suddenly Realized She Was at Her Granddaughter's Wedding

Those suffering with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia sometimes experience a mysterious moment of lucidity.

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An artist's rendering of a woman sleeping on the left and a hand reaching for the doorknob on right.

Her Mother's Prayers Kept Her Safe

When her building in New York City was robbed, her room was miraculously skipped. 

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A memento from a Vietnam soldier

A Chance Encounter Solves the Mystery of a Missing Vietnam Soldier

For decades, she kept a bracelet with the name of an MIA soldier. She finally found out what happened to him.

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Illustration of Jimmy the greyhound

Her Dog Detected Her Breast Cancer

Why was her greyhound continuously shoved his nose into her underarm? She soon realized he was trying to tell her something.

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Boy standing in front of a magic gate.

The Big Question: What's the Difference Between Miracles and Magic?

The Bible is full of incredible feats—Jesus turning water to wine, the many loaves and fishes, the resurrection of Lazarus. While not as grand, we’re still surrounded by little wonders every day. Some call them miracles. Others may call them magic. And, what’s the difference between the miracles and magic? It’s a question we asked pastors, authors, and even a few magicians.

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Woman helping her baby walk

Mother Knows Best: Mystical Mother-and-Child Experiences

Anyone who’s tried to hide something from their mother knows that “mother’s intuition” is no joke. If I’m having a bad day and my mom calls, she can tell as soon as I say “hello.” Immediately, she’ll ask what’s wrong. Every single time. I’ve asked her before how she can tell. I can hear my own voice—I know I don’t sound any different than usual. “It’s just a feeling,” she always says. But it may be something more.  Research suggests that a mother’s connection to her child goes far beyond the “ordinary” and into the “extraordinary.” Here are eight incredible Mysterious Ways stories that illustrate the powerful connection mothers share with their children.

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Photo courtesy Eric Wagner

How a Boat Named 'Amen' Saved Their Lives

Two teens prayed for safety while nearly drowning at sea. Then a boat miraculously appeared.  

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Illustration of corn in a fruit cocktail can

How a Mislabeled Can of Corn Saved the Day

She had planned a big party, but forget the main ingredient for her signature dish. Then a mistake turned into a small miracle.  

Linda and her husband, Nick

A Shiny Sign from Heaven Calmed Her as a Tornado Raged

She and her husband were trapped in their van during a devastating twister, but she spotted a penny that assured her they would be all right.

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Linda Stratigakis

She Miraculously Survived a Terrifying Tornado

Linda Stratigakis shares how she and her husband managed to emerge from a violent tornado without a scratch.

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A Mysterious Light Guided Two Lost Hikers to Safety

A Mysterious Light Guided Two Lost Hikers to Safety

Lost on a mountain in the Colorado Rockies as the sun set, he began to pray.

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A woman rides a ferry at sunset

A Stranger's Words Comforted This Caregiver

She had felt guility after her father-in-law passed away. 

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