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We try to get Guideposts everywhere people are in need. Our outreach activities spread the word. And we need your help.

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Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan and Sparkle

Sorry if this blog sounds rushed but I am busy hanging out with Sparkle. Who is Sparkle, you ask?

Sparkle is the star (literally) of our Comfort Kits, an important initiative of our Outreach Division. Comfort Kits are inspiration in a box that we distribute free to hospital chaplains to give to sick and hospitalized children and their families. Sparkle, a star-shaped stuffed toy, comes with every Comfort Kit, along with lots of other neat stuff. But Sparkle is the star, as it were.

I’ve been hanging with the real, supersized Sparkle at our annual meeting of the Guideposts National Advisory Cabinet, an incredibly dedicated group of men and women and families who have advised and supported Guideposts and Peale Center Outreach programs for many years and without whom we could not undertake our most meaningful outreach activities—free distribution of magazines, books and other supportive literature to the military and their families and to hospitals, especially military hospitals.

We try to get Guideposts everywhere people are in need—nursing homes, rehabs, shelters, prisons and doctors’ offices included. Then there are the 800,000 prayer requests from all over the world we answer on OurPrayer.org, each and every one by name and need through a network of wonderful and faithful volunteers on almost every continent.

It’s not simply the cabinet’s financial contributions that help these programs thrive (we vitally need your generosity as well to keep these programs going); it is their wisdom, guidance, energy and dedication to spreading the word about all the good things Guideposts does besides publish the world’s most inspiring books and magazines. Otherwise we would be just another media company. Find out how you can help as a volunteer or donor. We need you.

By the way, the picture of me and Sparkle was taken by young Matthew Brown, aspiring photographer and son of two of my favorite people, Steve and Allison Brown of Huntsville, Alabama, longtime cabinet members. Thanks, Matthew!

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