Someone Cares: Beep! Beep!

How these beeping eggs helped visually impaired children have fun on Easter.

- Posted on Feb 26, 2020

Two young girls participate in an Easter egg hunt.

In 2005, my church was having an Easter egg hunt. I wanted my toddler, Rachel, to participate, but she is blind.

The website for the Blind Children’s Center in Los Angeles had directions on constructing eggs that beep—using a switch, a beeper, a plastic egg and other materials, so a visually impaired child can find the eggs on their own. A perfect project for my buddies at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and me! With additional volunteers from bomb squads, we made 40 eggs.

Three visually impaired children came to our first hunt. Since then, we’ve expanded to other cities and invited kids with other special needs. Want to host your own beeping Easter egg hunt? Reach out to the Rachel Project, run by the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, at for more information.

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