Someone Cares: Recess All Day

This program is a safe haven for kids and gives parents a much needed break.

- Posted on Aug 27, 2019

A red plaid flag that reads 'DAY CAMP'.

A couple years ago, Edinboro United Methodist Church here in town hosted Kids Day the Saturday before Christmas. To my daughter, I was dropping her off to enjoy holiday activities with friends, but the day gave me much-needed time to get last-minute gifts and wrap presents.

Last year, EUMC expanded the idea to days when the kids don’t have school but parents have work—for teacher in-service days, weather makeup days or holidays. All I had to do was preregister my daughter. She got to do yoga and arts and crafts at EUMC, and the kids who depend on school lunches didn’t have to miss a meal.

I am so thankful that EUMC recognized this need. Having a safe place for my child takes a huge weight off my shoulders—and the kids have fun!

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