Someone Cares: Still Blooming

These bouquets of flowers bring joy to her recipients and herself.

- Posted on Jul 25, 2019

An artist rendering of a colorful bouquet which included sunflowers, violets, and daisies.

“Do you want these?” My friend Kristie, a florist, was cleaning out her shop’s cooler to make room for new arrivals one day last summer. The flowers she had to get rid of were still beautiful. I thanked her and walked out with a bouquet in hand.

I felt a nudge to take it to my friend Gloria, who lives alone. As soon as she saw the flowers, tears welled up in her eyes. “Did you know it’s my birthday?” she said. I had no idea.

Since then, I’ve looked forward to whenever Kristie lets me know she has flowers to give away. I secretly put roses on a neighbor’s stoop, in another neighbor’s watering can by the garage and handed flowers to three other neighbors, all of whom happen to be elderly and single or widows. One lady was so excited to get flowers, I heard her telling her cat!

The flowers I don’t take, Kristie brings to nursing homes. I think we get more joy than the recipients do!

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