Someone Cares: Thanks All Around

Her note cards showed her appreciation for everyone at Disney World.

- Posted on Jul 25, 2019

An artist's rendering of a Thank You card with Walt Disney World in the background.

“Let’s find Cinderella!” my four-year-old granddaughter said during a recent trip to Walt Disney World. She ran ahead, then promptly fell and skinned her knee. Before I knew it, a cast member—Disneyspeak for “employee”—appeared with some ice, a slushie and a colorful marshmallow treat. “Thank you,” I said. But it didn’t seem enough. Good thing I’d come prepared with tiny note cards, on which I’d printed “thank you for making our day magical.”

I’d gotten the idea when I was at our grocery store back home, and a checker was so helpful, I told the manager. That really brightened the checker’s day too! Since then my husband and I have made a point of recognizing those people who go out of their way to make our life a little easier.

At Disney World, I handed out lots of little thank-yous: to the photographer who created the perfect shoot, the bus driver who sang songs, the cast members who delighted our granddaughters by calling them princesses. I even found that I could post a message to the park’s official Twitter account (@WDWToday) with the hashtag #CastCompliment.

It’s easy—and fun—to show your appreciation when someone has gone above and beyond for you.

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