Whether you call her Mom, Mama, Ma, or your own pet name, your mother is a precious woman because she gave you the ultimate gift--your life.
Treating yourself with compassion during Lent
Family Problems

Giving Up Self-Criticism for Lent

Learning to see yourself through God's eyes–as loving, worthy and deserving of compassion

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A military mom comes to truly appreciate the national anthem.
Military Families

Standing with My Son

A military mom comes to understand what our national anthem truly means.

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Learning to Appreciate the Small Moments
Coping With Illness

Appreciate Small Moments

Visiting an elderly mother with dementia, a daughter experiences a small moment of wonder.

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Why we should honor the military's Gold Star Mothers
Military Outreach Stories

Honoring the Military’s Gold Star Mothers

Shining a light on the sacrifice and service of mothers who have lost a child in battle

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From Day One, Nadja welcomed me with open arms, Mary says.
Family Problems

Could She Share a Home with Her Mother-in-Law?

She had four kids and a husband. How could she also manage her sweet but intrusive mother-in-law?

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Actress Megan Good

Meagan Good: Lessons Her Mother Taught Her

The popular star of movies such as Think Like a Man and Jumping the Broom and TV’s Minority Report found a hero right there at home.

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Carmen Escamilla and her son Cande
Adult Children

First-Generation Mother Takes Pride in Her Educator Son

Carmen Escamilla had long dreamed of her children growing up to be well-educated, prosperous professionals. Her son Cande tried to accomodate her wishes by going to law school—until the day he decided to pursue another path.

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Joe Kovacs, who will represent the USA in the Rip Olympics in the shot put competition

Rio 2016: Joe Kovacs’ Olympic Journey

Joanna Kovacs' son, Joe, will be throwing the shot put for the U.S. in the 2016 Olympic Games. As an athlete and a single mom, Joanna was mother, father and even coach to Joe throughout his accomplished career.

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A mother prays for a miracle for her daughter.
Power of Prayer

Lord, It’s Time for a Miracle

A mother’s plea for her daughter to be guided to love, comfort and mercy

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Guideposts: An artist's rendering of the Virgin Mary hold the Baby Jesus in her arms lovingly
Bible Resources

Inspiring Mothers of the Bible

To commemorate Mother's Day, we're paying tribute to some of the most inspiring matriarchal figures in the Bible, from Eve, the Mother of Humanity, to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

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